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Welcome to my safe space. I like to share thoughts, insights, experiences of my journey to the Father’s heart. It’s been a long, meandering, rocky path with lots of ruts, rabbit trails and scary creatures. I’ve met many wonderful folks along this journey and we have shared our joys, our dashed hopes and dreams. Sharing  how the Savior has brought both  guidance and comfort on this road less traveled has sustained many in order to endure the arduous lonely journey to His Kingdom.

This part of my journey, I will share more of my heart, more of my experiences with the rabbit trails that led to deep pits of despair. I want to share His faithfulness,  rescuing this wandering lost sheep. You see, I am one of those that keep thinking that the grass grows greener on the other side of the fence. Every time I have cried out to him to free me from another  barbed wire fence, He has been there…

I will discuss tools that have been helpful to myself and others to not only get free from those barbed wire fence incidences. Perhaps even to you will find ways to get free from what is mangling you… We all need ways to cope, ways of healing, ways of comforting ourselves in the hard times, the lonely times and I am confident you will find something beneficial in your own journey to the heart of the Father….

While on this journey, I have worked hard to obtain an education. I managed to obtain a degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling, a Credentialing as a Substance Abuse Counselor, a certification as both a Peer Recovery Advocate and as a Recovery Coach. However, many of my friends has said that I have earned a Ph.D. in trauma recovery due to all the many horrific things I have survived. As you read, you will also learn how to become who your Creator intended you to be…come along with me! Let’s walk together as the disciples did with Yeshua, on the road to Damascus…but, at this time in history, we are walking to the Great Wedding Feast of the Lamb!

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