The little Girl Who Wasn’t

She wasn’t wanted, she wasn’t loved

 (Or if she was no one remembered to tell her; to show her).

Once she thought she was….

And she would laugh and go to meet her daddy in the evening.

But then a stranger came and took her daddy’s place.

(Does it matter if he looked the same or not?)

Soon she learned to hide in the evening time.

Soon she learned that little girls are only safe when no one but God is around.

(Does God even want me?)

So soon she learned that little girls must not exist, if they will survive.

(And somehow she will survive.)

So the years went by and the little girl who wasn’t became

A woman who couldn’t live; because she was lost in the tower of survival.

The little girl who wasn’t became a stranger to herself….

Deep inside the tower walls still lived the little girl who once was,

The little girl who dared to hope in hope.

(Not quite brave enough to hope in life itself.)

 One day Life came to love her…and love her…and love her.

Then the tower fell down, and

A still frightened, but hopeful little girl came out.

The little girl who wasn’t became the little girl who is….

And the little girl who is became

The daughter of Life.

(Copyright April 2013, PG Morrison. Not to be copied without permission)